Nine Nighttime Nibble Nooks

  1. The Riddler

the riddler

Offering a truly unique experience, The Riddler brings a modern Irish flair on all things traditional. In fact, The Riddler actually takes “a play on words” to a whole new meaning. This new, quirky restaurant features cleverly-placed riddles and puzzles around for guests to solve while enjoying their fresh Irish cuisine. So why don’t you come in and see for yourself while on the way to your Vicar Street event? Just how many riddles can you solve at this spot?

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  1. Foam



This spunky cafe has more to brag about than just desserts! The atmosphere is set straight from different eras, ranging from the classic Victorian style to rock-n-roll, to pop culture. There are hundreds of things to catch your attention, whether it be the conversation from friends over a cup of coffee or the strange, randomly-placed figurines along the walls.

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  1. Admiral Restaurant



Let your taste buds set sail for a delicious meal at the Admiral! Here you can find a nautical themed dining location with a specialty in Russian and Eastern-European food. The restaurant walls are designed as caves while featuring small aquarium windows and classic nautical accents. If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary, let this location be your ticket out!

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  1. 37 Dawson Street

Dawson street


This vintage, bohemian-styled bar and restaurant is sure to keep you intrigued all night long! The decor includes taxidermy, quirky furniture, and finishing touches that just might have come out of a fantasy book. Whether you decide to come in for brunch on the weekends or stay till late on Friday night, the food and splendor of this venue will transport you to a fantasy of your own.

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  1. The Clockwork Door

 Clockwork door


Enjoy a stay at this unconventional venue! The Clockwork Door is Dublin’s first “Time House” where customers only pay for the time spent on the premise. This quirky spot features six themed rooms for every customers’ taste. Speaking of taste, did we mention that customers get to enjoy all the free coffee, tea, biscuits, and popcorn they want?! Visitors are even encouraged to bring their own take-away food! Whether you want to chill with a good read or pop out the board games, this new spot will well worth the “time”.

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  1. The Hungry Mexican

 Hungry Mexican

( 9/12189013_1013368522019464_8044281217618459622_n.jpg?oh=524953bdf883be876236b2f2e6006ca9&oe=59CD9678)

This quirky Mexican restaurant offers the taste of South America while embracing the spirit of Dublin! The walls are designed with bright drawings from customers while the ceilings are strewn with colorful lights and sparkling stars. For a cozy evening out be sure to check out this Mexican masterpiece!

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  1. Peruke & Periwig

 peruke & periwig


Fancy a night as a king or queen? At Peruke & Periwig you can experience the Victorian era for yourself with the lavish seats, decadent designs, and elaborate taste in both food and fashion. Famous for their cocktails and character, this unique spot on Dawson Street is ready for your reign.

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  1. Dada Moroccan Restaurant



Enjoy a Moroccan meal along with the exotic ambience of this Dublin establishment! With the carefully crafted design of the lights, lamps, and luxury, this venue will have you virtually visiting North Africa and Southern Spain. Complete your night with a satisfying sweet, a terrific tapa, or entertaining events, and you will have no less than a night to remember.

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  1. The Tram Cafe

 The tram


Ever want to escape town on a runaway train? Well here’s your chance! Dream away on this ride of a lifetime with excellent coffee, tea, and sandwiches. The moment you take a step inside you will be off on your own adventure. Come experience the history behind the tram and taste the excitement for yourself.

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