Bloomsday celebrations take place in Dublin every year throughout the city. Bloomsday celebrates the famous Irish writer, James Joyce, who is most famous for his novel called “Ulysses”. When the novel was published, it received a lot of controversy and scrutiny for what was written in the book. “Ulysses” was breaking the norm and, looking back, is a novel which led to being one of the greatest literary works in history, but was not recognized until later on.Bloomsday celebrations take place every year on 16 June, the day depicted in James Joyce’s novel “Ulysses”. Why Bloomsday? Well, the entire storyline of the novel takes place on 16 June 1904 and follows the main character, Leopold Bloom, on his first outing with his wife-to-be.Bloomsday Celebrations comes in many different forms. Don’t be alarmed when you see people wearing clothes from the Victorian era. This is one way James Joyce fans like celebrating an iconic event in Irish history. If you are a Bloomsday beginner, We would recommend going to the Bloomsday readings & songs today at 15:00- 18:00 at the Wolfe Tone Square (Jervis Street, Dublin 1, Ireland). This is a long-standing and treasured tradition filled with songs, reading, and performances. This event is free. So, go early to grab some good seats in the front before heading down to the Irish Whiskey Museum for an evening of live music and storytelling with Noel O’Farrell.Dublin-born Joyce spent most of his life in Europe. One unique fact about James Joyce is that he was a loyal lover of Jameson whiskey. Joyce loved Jameson so much that he even engraved the original Jameson typeface in his wallet. When talking to one of his fellow writers Gilbert Seldes, he said:‘All Irish whiskeys use the water of the Liffey; all but one filter it, but John Jameson’s uses it mud and all. That gives it its special quality.’For celebrating Bloomsday, make sure one of your stops is the Irish Whiskey Museum and see for yourself why Joyce loved by having a glass of Jameson. Don’t forget to enjoy the streets and learn a little more about this day!

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