Irish Whiskey Museum - Paddy Flaherty of Paddy Whiskey

Back in good ‘aul 1877 Paddy’s whiskey was first produced but it was originally called Cork Distillery Company Old Irish Whiskey. Now that was a mouthful. They hired one of the most successful salesman in the history of sales reps, a Mr. Paddy Flaherty. Now there is no empirical proof that he was the best sale rep but who can claim to have a whiskey named after them!

So Mr. Paddy Flaherty travelled length and breadth of the country visiting all of the pubs in Ireland. As he passed through he always bough drinks for the customers. His sales techniques were so good that he became synonymous with whiskey not only in Ireland but abroad as well.

The distillery changed the name from Cork Distillery Company Old Irish Whiskey to Paddy Irish Whiskey in his honour in 1912. Could you get a more appropriate name for a bottle of Irish whiskey, I ask?

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