Eoin is one of our tour guides here at the Irish Whiskey Museum, he has a strong passion for whiskey which really shines through on his tours. Eoin previously worked in the Medieval Museum, the Guinness Storehouse and has been with us for a few years now, so you could say his knowledge on Irish history is nothing short of outstanding.

Eoin’s favourite Irish whiskey history aspect would be the effects of taxes on whiskey years ago and how people went about it, whether it’s the poor people innovating with poitín and discovering aging, or how pot still whiskey itself was born. He finds it really interesting.

Powers whiskey is Eoin’s all time favourite whiskey! It’s usually a toss-up between, Three Swallows or John’s Lane, he can never decide.

A sneaky top tip from Eoin would be not to buy into the big names and the age statements. “There’s as much great unknown cheap whiskey as there is overpriced mediocre whiskey, so explore and keep an open mind!”

“This experience was awesome because of Eoin! His knowledge was incredible and his story-telling is top notch.” – TripAdvisor review

“This man will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion through rivers of whiskey history and tribute. Followed by a nice smooth finish. Eoin wins!” – TripAdvisor review

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