Red Spot Irish Whiskey has been reimagined, rekindled and reintroduced this month in the Spot Whiskeys range. The single pot still whiskey was last seen in the mid 1960’s and has now been reintroduced as the spicy member of the range.  This is a very exciting time for the Irish Whiskey market and also a very exciting time for us at the museum as we have another whiskey to add to the shelf in our bar.

The new Red Spot is a 15 year old made up of three parts, aged separately and then blended. The first two elements spent their life in oloroso and bourbon casks respectively, whereas the final component spent five years in bourbon barrels before being transferred to Marsala casks in 2004.

We got to try the beautiful whiskey ourselves last week, here’s a break down of the taste from our tour guide Shannon: 

Aroma: Rich cooked fruit, mango and black cherry. A hint of hazelnut with toasted American oak

Taste: A mix of ripe fruit sweetness from the Marsala seasoned wine casks. While the fruit remains, sweet red pepper and cracked black pepper add some spiciness

Finish: Spicy lingering finish with an infusion of red fruits and sweetness

Sounds delicious eh?

This is not the last relaunch that we’re going to see from the Spot Whiskey range. There’s still one more to go, a Blue Spot that was originally a 7 year old whiskey. There hasn’t been a release date for this yet but we are looking forward to seeing the Spot range being complete again. 

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