Ahh, where would we be without Whiskey Sours? It is one of the most famous cocktails in the world, and for a good reason.

In the year 1792, a sailor was crossing the Atlantic for North America, his food was dried, his water was no good and scurvy was a constant worry… Queue, the Whiskey Sour!

No seriously, that is what actually happened. Although the original recipe wasn’t written down until 1862 by Jerry Thomas in the ‘Bartenders Guide’, the “sour” was a basic recipe for years. It was mainly used to combat sea sickness, malnutrition and scurvy. They used the lemon juice to water down the whiskey as they didn’t want the whole ship to be filled with intoxicated sailors (understandable). While the British used Gin and Brandy, Americans favoured Whiskey, and so the Whiskey Sour was born.

We have put our own twist on a whiskey sour and are feeling generous enough to share it with you all, check it out.  


Whiskey – 35.5ml 

Egg white – 20ml 

Sugar syrup – 20ml 

Lemon juice – 20ml 

Garnish with bitters  


  1. Add all ingredients (except bitters) into shaker  
  2. Add ice 
  3. Hard shake for 30 seconds  
  4. Strain into shaker and discard ice 
  5. Dry shake for 20 seconds  
  6. Double strain into glass over ice 
  7. 3 drops of bitters to garnish  


Try it for yourself in our  bar at just €10, it’s a real treat!

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