Cancellation Policy

Outside of 7 days a full refund is available

Within 7 days a 50% refund is available

Within 24hrs sorry no refund is available

Please Note:  The same cancellation fees apply for individual people who cancel as part of a group booking

Please Note:  Please arrive in advance of your tour departure time.  Where possible, if you are tardy for your tour we will endeavour to accommodate you on a subsequent tour but this may not always be possible.  The same refund fees apply as stated above.

Please Note:  Depending on the circumstances surrounding a refund, a 3% administration fee and credit card charges may apply


Should a person or persons conduct in an unfavourable manner towards staff, customers or any area of the Irish Whiskey Museum premises, we reserve the right to remove you from the tour or from the premises.  If any damage occurs the Irish Whiskey Museum reserve the right to charge for the damages incurred.